On February 8th, 2012 I had the opportunity to speak before 150 Mayors and a panel of Governor Christie’s Cabinet members. I brought to their attention the serious tax assessment issues that are creating havoc with our tax rate and the crushing burden it is putting on our residents. Committeeman Lisella, our Business Administrator and I will be meeting with the acting Commissioner Richard Constable III of the Department of Community Affairs this Thursday at 4pm in Trenton. We will request that he give us, as well as all municipalities a mechanism to stabilize tax rates when real estate prices crash. We already know what we need to do, but we need his blessing. I will report back the results of this meeting at the March 5th Township Meeting.

On Reorganization day January 1st, 2012, I stated that this Committee had a plan and that extraordinary measures would be implemented which will serve as a model for other municipalities for saving money through shared services.

On February 8th we held a Joint Shared Service Meeting with the Township of Ocean. At this meeting we passed six Resolutions, three of which, will allow Barnegat to reduce operating expenses approximately $311,000 over the next year and a half. We were able to eliminate three Director Positions, which our Administrator, Dave Breeden will detail next in a power point presentation.

Also passed Resolution 2012-122 shared services with Ocean City and Resolution 2012-121 with Stafford Township.


Mr. Breeden and I also met with the President of our volunteer EMS Squad and discussed their 5 year plan and their immediate needs. Earlier this year a driver under the influence hit and totaled one of our first responder vehicles. Tonight we will vote on replacing that vehicle with the insurance money from the accident in combination with the money that was bonded for in December 2011.

In closing, there are three issues of concern that unfortunately, I must address. This Committee will answer any and all questions relating to Township business, but expects those coming up to the podium to do so in a respectful manor. Yelling out, personal attacks and

inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Secondly, from time to time an individual may feel that the Committee has violated State statue regarding procedure. We welcome any and all comments and will correct any errors we might inadvertently make. We always check with our legal counsel and have our solicitor explain the law to the objector. Sometimes we will get an individual who just will not accept the facts and end up costing the taxpayers needlessly. The Township will seek to recover these expenses in blatant instances. Lastly, the Township Committee and the Board of Education settled an issue at the last Township meeting and through subsequent communications. Yet, Ms. Maryann Clemente has taken it upon herself to be the self-appointed spoke person for the BOE through her, “Smoke and Mirror” comments. I spoke with Board President Lisa Becker this morning and brought this to her attention. She sent me an email which she said I could read this evening. It eloquently reads as follows,


Alfonso Cirulli Mayor Barnegat Township


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From : LISA BECKER Tue, Feb 21, 2012 08:49 PM

Subject : comunications

To : AI Cirulli

Dear Mayor Cirulli,

In response to your call this morning, I would just like to reiterate the following which you can share with your fellow committee members;

While the Bamegat Board of Education respects all citizens rights to express their opinions, we most certainly have no control over any statements that may wrongly imply forms of representation. Please be advised and rest assured that only the Superintendent, the Board President, Vice President or their designee is authorized to speak on behalf of the board, the majority or the district. As you and I have both reiterated in public and through the media, we consider the recent situation to have been appropriately addressed and are only interested in moving forward. I would hope that if any members of the committee, or public for that matter, have any questions or concerns, they feel free to reach out to the board of education directly.

Sincerely, Lisa Becker