Work on Blue Claw Drive started last week with anticipated completion of the work occurring by the end of the week, weather, permitting. Included with this work was repairing of driveways and sidewalks along with the final paving of the entire street. Cost of this work is approximately $75,000 and will be funded by proceeds from the developer’s performance bond. Please keep in mind that while the actual cost of the construction work is covered by the bond, engineering, legal and other cost are not eligible for reimbursement by the bonding company.

With the downturn in the economy, the Township had to address several developments in which site improvement work was not being completed in a timely fashion. The Township firmly believes that developers are responsible to fulfill their obligations to the community and has aggressively pursued those developers who failed to complete their site improvement work. Over the past several years, the Township has spent well in excess of $100,000 in professional fees required to force developers to perform site improvement work. From a Township perspective, there is NO option but to take legal recourse necessary in order to compel these developers to meet their obligations.

In many communities, developments are left in various stages of completion as a result of developers unable to satisfy their site improvement obligations due to adverse economic conditions. That has not and will not occur in Barnegat. Regardless of where one resides, the Township will be relentless in protecting the interest of the Township along with making sure all residents receive promised site improvements from developers.


I want to personally thank the American Legion, VFW and the Knights of Columbus for all they do regarding the recognition of our Service Men and Women throughout the year and especially during Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. The ceremony on Sunday and the parade on Monday were well done as usual. Next year the Legion is planning to start the parade at 10:00 AM which I am sure will increase attendance and the temperature should be a lot cooler at starting time. We all should make a point of making sure that the words gets around and that our children never forget the meaning of Memorial Day.


On a sad note, I would ask for prayers for the recovery of Melissa Divoli a 27 year old fourth grade teacher at the Donahue School. The outstanding work of our EMS and Police Department resuscitated her over the Memorial Day Weekend from an apparent condition she had no knowledge of. She is not doing well.


Next Saturday at 9:00 AM we will have the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Lower Shore Softball Field. The girls, young adults and senior leagues will all be there to officially kick off the use of the field.