Daughters of the American Revolution-Proclamation that September 17th thru the
23rd, 2012 is Constitution week. This is the 225 Anniversary of its signing.

The Township Committee is exploring the possibility of entering into an energy
aggregation partnership with the Colonial Power Group. It is my recommendation to
the Committee that if we enter into a agreement with Colonial, that it only applies to
the township utility bills only. Residents should have the option of opting into the
program if they so desire. Government should not dictate who you should buy your
power from.
In October of 2011, Mr. Charles Giles and I secured approximately a 6 ½ ton piece of
a lower level support column of a steel beam reinforce with concrete. This steel
column survived the first World Trade Center attack and ultimately was reinforced
with concrete and a steel sleeve. On October 4th, a Township dump truck and trailer
escorted by a marked Barnegat Police patrol unit and the 911 truck went to the hanger
at Kennedy Airport to secure the steel. I received the authentification paperwork; the
steel was loaded by the Port of Authority of New York and New Jersey. It was
draped by an American Flag, secured and brought back to Barnegat, where the flag
was received by Mayor Melchiondo and the whole Township Committee. The flag
and documentation is on display in Town Hall. Pinelands Regional High School was
originally scheduled to receive a three hundred pound piece of World Trade Center
steel. In order to obtain a piece of steel for Barnegat Township, Pinelands agreed to
forgo their piece which was replaced by the 6 ½ ton piece. The piece was cut, with
Pinelands receiving a quarter of the bean and the Township approximately three
quarters of the beam. The steel was given to the Township and Pinelands at No cost.
The driver and owner of the 9/11 truck receive no compensation. The projected
completion of the memorial is scheduled for September 11, 2012. I would like to add
that all the engineering and most of the work and material are being donated.
Alfonso Cirulli, Mayor
Township of Barnegat