December 30, 2011 2:00 PM

  1. Call to Order by Mayor Jeff Melchiondo


2.  Provisions of the Open Public Meetings Law:

Pursuant to the requirements of the OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS LAW, adequate Public Notice of this meeting has been given:

  1. By publication in the required newspapers of the date, time and location of this meeting more than 48 hours in advance.
  2. By posting advance written notice on the official Bulletin Board in the Municipal Building.
  3. By filing advance written notice with the Township Clerk for the purpose of Public inspection.


ANNOUNCEMENT: At this time we ask everyone to please turn all cell phones or pagers to either OFF or VIBRATE.


3.    Roll Call of Officials Present:

Committeeman Bille – Present

Committeeman Lisella – Present

Committeeman Morano – Present

Deputy Mayor Cirulli – Present

Mayor Melchiondo – Present


  1. Salute to the flag led by Mayor Melchiondo


  1. Public Portion:

Motion to Open Public Comment: L. Morano             Second: A. Cirulli

Phil Checcia – February 2, 2012, 6:00 PM Awards Banquet at High School, Committee should attend

Motion to Close Public Comment: L. Morano            Second: A. Cirulli


  1. 6.          Old Business


Ordinance 2011-21 (Second Reading)

Ordinance providing for various General Improvements and other related expenses and appropriating $2,225,000 and providing for the issuance of $2,113,750 in bonds or notes to finance the same

Motion to Open Public Comment: L. Morano                           Second: A. Bille

Anthony Esposito, 27 Vivas Drive – Do we know how much this Bond Ordinance will cost the residents? How much is the interest rate that we will be charged?

D. Breeden – This Bond Ordinance is to put in motion so that we can go out to bid for the bonds and notes. We do not know what the interest rate is yet. That will be determined when we go out to bid.

John Murrin – Are all fees for the Bond Counsel included in the Bond Ordinance?

D. Breeden – Yes, all associated fees for the Bond Ordinance are included in the Bond Ordinance.

Motion to Close Public Comment: A. Bille                                 Second L. Morano

Motion to adopt  Ordinance:M. Lisella                                        Second: A. Cirulli

Roll Call:         Bille: Yes                   Lisella: Yes                           Morano: Abstain

                          Cirulli: Yes                Melchiondo: Yes


  1. New Business:


Minutes Approval:

Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes of the Township Committee Meeting of  December 19, 2011.


Motion to approve Minutes: L. Morano                                   Second: M. Lisella


Roll Call:       Bille:  Yes                 Lisella: Yes                           Morano: Yes

                                    Cirulli: Yes                Melchiondo: Yes  

  1. Consent Agenda:

The below listed items are considered to be routine by the Township of Barnegat and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no formal discussion of these items. If discussion is desired, this item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be considered separately.

Approval of an Off-Premise Raffle for merchandise for the PTO Barnegat High School on April 18, 2012

Resolution 2011-630

Resolution authorizing a refund of premium paid at Tax Sale on Block 258, Lot 9, also known as 132 Brook Street, Block 114.15, Lot 31, also known as 26 Ensign Avenue, and Block 116.16, Lot 5, also known as 110 Spruce Circle North

Resolution 2011-631

Resolution authorizing a refund of taxes for 2011 pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:4-3.32 on Block 95.45, Lot 17, also known as 4 Edgewater Path and Block 95.50, Lot 15, also known as 6 Bridgewaters Passage

Resolution 2011-632

Resolution authorizing a refund of premium paid at Tax Sale on Block 114.37, Lot 52, also known as 46 Lamp Pose Drive and Block 114.56, Lot 29, also known as 27 Tara Lane

Resolution 2011-633

Resolution cancelling taxes and authorizing a refund pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:4-3.32 on Block 161.10, Lot 15.01, also known as 56 Burr Street

Resolution 2011-634

Resolution authorizing a refund of premium paid at Tax Sale on Block 114.36, Lot 32.01, also known as 51 Lamp Post Drive

Resolution 2011-635

Resolution authorizing a refund of premium paid at Tax Sale on Block 114.19, Lot 13, also known as 25 Nautilus Avenue

Resolution 2011-636

Resolution authorizing Tax Collector to refund payment erroneously paid on Block 114.66, Lot 15, also known as 141 Rockrimmon Boulevard

Resolution 2011-637

Resolution authorizing a refund of premium paid at Tax Sale on Block 114.29, Lot 18, also known as 144 Windward Drive, Block 114.14, Lot 67, also known as 18 Commodore Court, Block 114.12, Lot 19, also known as 32 Tiller Drive, Block 114.14, Lot 30, also known as 38 Schooner Avenue, Block 111, Lot 11, also known as 30 First Street and Block 161.10, Lot 13.02, also known as 40 Burr Street

Resolution 2011-638

Resolution discontinuing the employment of Larry Haden

Resolution 2011-639

Resolution terminating the employment of Cindy Reeves

Resolution 2011-640

Resolution supporting Senate Bill S-2339 and Assembly Bill A-3558 which permits municipalities to conduct reassessments without the need to perform interior inspections if interior inspections have been performed in a municipality within the last eight years

Motion to adopt Consent Agenda: A. Bille                               Second: M. Lisella

Roll Call:       Bille:   Yes                 Lisella: Yes                           Morano: Yes

                        Cirulli: Yes                Melchiondo: Yes


9. Motion to adjourn: L. Morano                                                             Second: M. Lisella